Ministry of Internal Affairs arrest 55 people on charges of drug crime, including 37 drug dealers

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The employees of the Central Criminal Police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Tbilisi, Adjara, Shida Kartli, Kvemo Kartli, Guria, Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti, Imereti, Racha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti and Kakheti Police Departments, as a result of operational measures and investigative actions conducted at different times detained 55 people on charges of drug crime including 37 drug dealers.

“The following persons have been arrested on charges of illegal selling of drugs and the attempted selling of drugs: G.L. (DoB 1982), L.Kh., (DoB1977), V.B. (DoB 1989), R.M. (DoB 1999), V.R. (DoB 1974), previously convicted J.A. (DoB 1975), previously convicted T.A. (DoB1989), previously convicted in the past N.M. (DoB 1967), previously convicted I.Kh. (DoB1985), previously convicted in the past K.O. (DoB1978), N.V. (DoB 1988), G.E. (DoB 1996), G.M. (DoB 1979), G.M. (DoB 1997), previously convicted F.F.(DoB 1980, previously convicted M.V. (DoB 1955), N .J. (DoB 1968), previously convicted I.G. (DoB 1976), K.M.( probationer) born in 1989, previously convicted G.B. (DoB 1994) L. Ch. (DoB 2000), V.L. (DoB 1977), L. Sh. (DoB 2002) T.M. (DoB 1988), I.F. (DoB 2001), L. J. (DoB 1997), D.C. (DoB 1997), previously convicted G.J.(DoB 1958), A.C. (DoB 1995), G.K. (DoB1984), E.P. (DoB1990), citizen of a foreign country, E.O. (DoB 1993), previously convicted N.B. (DoB 2003) and R.A (DoB 2000).

The following persons have been charged with illegal purchase and possession of a large and especially large amount of narcotic drugs, illegal purchase and storage of marijuana, as well as illegal sowing-growing-cultivation of a plant containing a particularly large amount of narcotic drugs: M.N. (DoB 1989), S.T. (DoB 2002), A.A. (DoB 2004), B.S. (DoB 1985), Z.S. (DoB 1980), M.T. (DoB 1970), V.M. (DoB 1974), I.S. (DoB 2002), M.A. (DoB 1980), O.E. (DoB 1980), M.G. (DoB 1991), B.D (DoB 1990), T.Q (DoB 2000), A.A. (DoB 1986), R.M (DoB 1982), L.M (DoB 1974), G.C (DoB 1983), U.I.(DoB 1988).

The committed crimes envision up to 20 years or life imprisonment.

The investigation established that the persons arrested for selling drugs and the attempted drug dealing were involved in special schemes for selling narcotic substances, in particular, through various internet applications and social networks. They placed drugs in specific locations for further realization, which were then sent to persons interested in the purchase with appropriate designations and coordinates.

On the basis of the judge's ruling, the law enforcement officers made covert control purchases of drugs from persons arrested on the charge of illegal selling of drugs several times and made secret audio-video recordings depicting the process.

During the personal search of those detainees, arrested on charges of drug crimes, the police seized a particularly large amount of various types of narcotic drugs as evidence: "cocaine", "heroin", "subutex", "hashish", “MDMA", "Alpha-PVP", "Suboxin", the so-called synthetic drug, "Methamphetamine", "Methadone", "Tramadol", "Mephedrone", "Amphetamine", "Marijuana" and the narcotic plant - hemp Small electric scales, equipment for marijuana cultivation, adhesive tapes, and money allegedly obtained from the sale of drugs. A firearm, 26 cartridges and 2 magazines were also seized from one of the persons arrested for drug crimes.

The investigation is being conducted under articles 260, 19-260, 262, 265, 273 , 19-273 (1), 18-273 (1) and 236 of the Criminal Code of Georgia”, reads the press release of the Ministry. 

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