Cost of Transporting Cars from Asia has Decreased by 50%

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During the pandemic, the global car market experienced a surge in prices for both new and used cars, which can be attributed to the closure of factories and disruptions in the production process due to lockdowns.

In 2022, car importers reported that the average cost of cars increased by 25%, and this upward trend in prices continued due to increased logistics costs resulting from the pandemic. However, Guram Rostiashvili, the founder of Auto Import Georgia, noted that logistics costs in the direction of Asia have decreased by 50%-60% in recent times, although the cost of the car itself remains high.

He explained that the price of a car can be divided into two parts: the cost price and the cost of the logistics chain. While the cost of logistics has dropped significantly in the direction of Asia, with the transportation of a single car now costing around 900-1000 dollars as compared to 2000-2400 dollars previously, the price of cars in America has remained stable.

Rostiashvili expressed hope that prices in America will return to pre-pandemic levels. 

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