Stay home, World! Let's be united and defeat the COVID-19 together!

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კორონავირუსი დედამიწა

Our world, which for centuries has witnessed bloody wars and various diseases that have claimed the lives of millions of people, faces a serious test - a threat in the face of the coronavirus pandemic 

(COVID-19), one of the most terrifying viruses in human history, hangs over humanity.

This virus, which spreads at a frantic speed and takes thousands of lives, knows no bounds. The plague, which arose in China, is moving around the world like a well-armed army. Despite the fact that the states of the world are trying to confront this infection, so far the deadly virus remains invincible.

Of course, the negative news that we receive daily, spoils our mood, but we do not lose hope and look forward to the day when humanity will be saved from this scourge. This disease does not know the difference between children and adults, beautiful and ugly, rich and poor. It is painful to see the mass deaths of people, empty streets, squares and parks.

Various measures are being taken to protect against this scourge. Countries close borders, people are isolated from daily communication, and there are practically no contacts. The call, “Stay home, be healthy,” sounds like an alarm. And it’s not in vain. Staying at home, we will help doctors who spend days and nights risking their lives saving others. Civil solidarity is a very important condition for this process.

If you look closely at history, this is not the first time that mankind has faced danger. There were many pandemics in the world that claimed millions of lives. Examples include diseases such as AIDS, Ebola, swine flu, SARS, MERS, Zika fever, which killed more than 36 million people.

An outstanding American writer, journalist and public figure Mark Twain once said: “Do not think as if the world owes you something, it was before you and owes nothing to you.” In other words, take care of yourself. In this world, only you can save yourself.

A person must be extremely careful. As they say in the social calls “Close the doors!” Save yourself and your family so you don’t regret later! You can’t remain indifferent to the situation!”

As the French writer and philosopher Albert Camus says in his work The Plague, “The world is an empty space. People make it interesting, so you need to protect them! ”

There is no such thing as “I understand this, but I do not accept the other.” Indifference can turn nature into ruins, and flowers to dust...!

For the sake of our loved ones, relatives, children, we must adhere to all the rules in time so that the lost time does not take them from us.

As the outstanding Azerbaijani poet and philosopher NizamiGanjavi said: “Man is the crown of creation.”

There are no limits to the human mind. Science will ultimately defeat this disease. We will try to protect ourselves and our loved ones this time.

I believe that this day is just around the corner! As soon as humanity gets rid of this scourge, I, as a citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan, will initiate the establishment of a “World Day of International Solidarity”! Because the danger of coronavirus has once again shown that even if we live in different parts of the world, divide ourselves by borders, speak different languages, represent different nations, the dangers that threaten all of humanity, we can overcome only by being united.

We are strong together!

Stay home,World!


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