Georgia to Restrict Import of Old Cars from 2024

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The Georgian government's decision to limit the import of old cars in the country from 2024 is a part of their efforts to reduce harmful emissions and improve air quality.

The introduction of the Euro 5 standard for cars is an important step in this direction as it sets a higher threshold for acceptable levels of emissions from vehicles. The government believes that this regulation will significantly contribute to reducing the amount of harmful substances released into the atmosphere.

However, not everyone is in favor of this initiative. The head of the Auto Importers Association, Lasha Darbaiseli, has expressed concern that the restriction on the import of cars manufactured before 2013 will adversely affect the industry and the segment of citizens who cannot afford new cars. He believes that the citizens of Georgia are not yet ready for such changes, and that the introduction of this initiative will harm the whole sector, as well as the Georgian consumer.

It is estimated that cars manufactured before 2013 account for about 30-40% of total imports, and as a result, car importers are expected to suffer significant losses. Nevertheless, the government seems to be determined to move forward with this initiative, and it remains to be seen how the situation will evolve over the coming years.    

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