Ana Natsvlishvili: If the problem is real, the Prime Minister should explain why he does not talk about Davit Gareji with the Azerbaijani side

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When the case of Davit Gareji is being considered in court, if the problem is real, the Prime Minister should explain why he does not talk about this topic during the bilateral meetings with the Azerbaijani side. This issue was not raised at any meeting with the Azerbaijani side, the Prime Minister is mute, Lelo MP Ana Natsvlishvili stated.

According to Natsvlishvili, all this proves that "Gareji is Georgia" is a topic for domestic consumption.

"It is incomprehensible when such a big story is created and this is a sensitive topic for the citizens of Georgia, at a number of high-level meetings between the Prime Minister of Georgia and the highest authority of Azerbaijan, the Prime Minister is mute - he does not discuss this issue with the Azerbaijani side at any meeting.

What does this mean? - The so-called "Gareji is Georgia" is a theme for domestic consumption. If the PM is really worried and there is a fact in this case that the interests of Georgia have been harmed, then during this period more than one meeting with the Azerbaijani side took place, and we never once heard that Irakli Gharibashvili raised this issue with Ilham Aliyev in face-to-face meetings or in another format," said Ana Natsvlishvili.

The questioning of the former Prime Minister, Zurab Noghaideli, in the Davit Gareji case has ended. He gave answers to the parties' questions for almost two hours.

In 2005-2007, Noghaideli was the Prime Minister and a member of the Security Council.

As Noghaideli stated during his testimony at the trial, issues related to the border zone were within the competence of the President, and he was the one who used to convene the Council meetings. 

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