PASHA Bank Georgia sponsors webinar series by ADA University

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PASHA Bank Georgia sponsors webinar series

PASHA Bank Georgia sponsors publication and a webinar series about Georgia – Azerbaijan Strategic Partnership, organized by ADA University, the leading Azerbaijani educational institute. The University is the legal heir of the Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy (ADA) and Information Technologies University. Objectives of the project include a review of Georgia-Azerbaijan strategic relations in post-Karabakh war period and re-affirmation of the importance of strategic axis between Tbilisi and Baku for the regional stability and development, foreign policy agendas of both nations and analyzing existing and emerging transport corridors.

The first webinar will take place on May 27th. Prominent Georgian professionals, among the other participants of webinar series will discuss regional security, foreign policy, economic opportunities, trade and connectivity, energy security, civil society and education.

Since the restoration of independence by Georgia and Azerbaijan in 1991, both countries have enjoyed a strategic partnership in the region, which has cultivated such grandiose global projects as Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline, Baku-Tbilisi-Erzurum gas pipeline, Baku-Supsa oil pipeline, Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway, Southern gas corridor, and others. Azerbaijan and Georgia have supported each other at various regional forums and have created GUAM as regional integration organization.

PASHA Bank is a Baku-based financial institution operating in Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Turkey, providing corporate and investment banking services to large, medium, and small enterprises.

Those who would like to attend the webinar, can go through the simple and free registration the process at the following link: Meeting ID: 213 420 6571

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